Friday, 19 November 2010

Wheelie suitcase makes life significantly better for owner, worse for others

Financial analyst Laura Keane is raving about her new wheelie suitcase, but fellow commuters at Victoria Station this morning were somewhat less enthusiastic.

Keane, 31, was travelling to Vienna from Gatwick Airport for a work conference and decided to invest in a wheelie suitcase after months of struggling with a heavy shoulder bag.

While Laura couldn't keep the smile off her face as she eased her way across the main concourse at Victoria in the morning rush hour, other commuters weren't enjoying her new purchase as much.

Simon Blakely, rushing to make his train to Harrogate for a bi-annual pig-feed consortium, referred to the wonder case as a 'fucking piece of shit' as he came close to tripping over the trailing bag while making a sharp turn to head for Platform 6.

Blakely would eventually make his train but cites the slow-moving wheelie suitcase as one of the reasons for getting a poor seat, just metres away from the noisy sliding-door of the toilet.

Claire Piraz was also aggravated as Miss Keane's wave of vexation continued. After three aborted attempts to go round the suitcase that nearly resulted in disaster, Piraz settled for walking at a frustratingly slow pace behind the offending bag occasionally sighing almost loud enough to be heard.

Despite the naysayers, Keane was heard on the phone to her boyfriend on the Gatwick Express dubbing the new bag 'a godsend' and remarking that she 'didn't know why it took me so long to get one.' This news will come as a big blow to Blakely and Piraz, who are yet to comment.

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  1. That bloody Laura Keane - she causes havoc wherever she goes. More like Laura Bean if you ask me...